Door Styles

While there are literally thousands of door styles to choose from, all conform to three basic shapes - slab, recessed and raised panel.  

Slab doors are flat in appearance with out any profiling.  Needless to say, slab doors are also void of any ornamental or architectural detail.  This door style is generally used in contemporary or industrial designs.  

Raised panel doors are typically more decorative in appearance than slab doors.  With a raised door style, the center panel is raised and may have a linear or ornately routed profile.  These doors lend tremendous flexibility to a variety of design themes including traditional, country, formal, Victorian, Olde World as well as transitional.  

A recessed panel door implicates that a center panel is set back or recessed with respect to the perimeter of the door.  The most well known recessed door style is referred to as the Shaker door.  These door styles are primarily used in Transitional, Mission or Plantation kitchen designs.  


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