Framed cabinets are made with frames on the front surface to which the doors are attached.  The face frame has horizontal rails and vertical stiles.  It is on the face frame that the doors are hung.  While framed cabinetry offers an attractive, country like look, the frames make storage space less accessible for pullout shelving and certain accessories.

Framed cabinetry must be used for the inset door stylized cabinetry. Inset door cabinetry mainly come as beaded or flush, which is on the face frame of the cabinet. They have either a exposed finial hinge or a fully concealed hinge depending on the style you desire.  




Frameless cabinets have no face frame - they are simply boxes.  Door hinges are mortised into the sides and the doors typically fit over the entire front of the case. This style of cabinetry offers full access to the entire storage area and is ideal for roll out shelving and other storage accessories.  

Frameless cabinetry is often referred to as full access cabinetry.  Why go frameless over framed?  Frameless cabinets allow for more storage inside the cabinet and also creates more of a seamless look.